Do you remember the moments when...

Your heart warms upon the sound and sight of your baby's giggles as you played peek-a-boo with them

Your child's eyes light up with excitement while playing a game together

You feel pure delight when your child's eyes are filled with awe upon new discoveries

Every moment of PLAY captures a moment of WONDER for you and your child.

This Children's Day, would you take a moment to Capture The Wonder through play?

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Play your way towards meaningful connections with your child!

We challenged 4 parent-child pairs to a game of Jenga, with a twist. Watch as they share heartwarming moments of connection through play!

Taken a Pause on Play?

Press Play again!

Play is Bao-werful 

Your Guide to Rediscovering Playfulness

Capturing Wonder through Play

Have a bite of fun with your kids using this interactive Instagram filter!

It's simple: See who can collect the most baos in 30 seconds!

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Play Adds to Life 

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* parents who have kid(s) aged 5-8 in 2021

Parenting is not a perfect journey promising perfect results, but it presents countless opportunities to be with your unique child in moments of wonder!

Don't wait till it's too late: Capture the Wonder today!

While mostly fun and exciting, play doesn't always seem fun or enjoyable at times.

We'd like to hear from you: Share your joys and challenges in engaging your children in play in this anonymous 3-minute poll!

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