Life as a parent often feels like an endless checklist - things to do, buy, prepare, remember. In the process of all these paren-things,
did you lose your wonder?

Revisit the wonder you felt when you first held your baby,
the immense pride you felt over their first steps and words...
These are so easy to forget in the hubbub of the daily grind,
but we’d like to help you remember and meet your child again.

Here’s your invitation to Capture the Wonder.

  • Parenting hacks on connecting with your child
  • Practical tips to support your child’s developmental needs
  • Easy-to-do Activities
  • Conversation Starters

We hope that you’ll have an amazing time with your child, and also realise that being present isn’t really as hard as you think!


Seeing your child and the everyday changes they go through is an immensely joyful thing to behold. Sometimes we hear friends and family comment, “Oh! How they’ve grown.”

It isn’t until that moment we take a step back and see our kids for what seems like the first time in a while...

Do you see what I see?

Think you really know everything about what your child thinks?

Your Guide to A
Wonder-ful Parenting Journey

Other parents say...

Use this fun Instagram filter together to discover what your child thinks about YOU!

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We polled 175 parents in Singapore to ask them how they honestly feel they fare as parents.


* parents who have kid(s) aged 5-8 in 2021

Parenting is not a perfect journey promising perfect results, but it presents countless opportunities to be with your unique child in moments of wonder!

Don't wait till it's too late: Capture the Wonder today!

Other parents say...

Nicholas & Esther Yeo

“One of our earliest recollections of a moment of wonder we shared with our elder son, Matthew, is...”

There is Wonder in Growth


Amelia Tang

"Recently, there was a day when my son could see I was having a hard time..."

Pure Wonder

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