Creating space for couples to Re:Connect

Marriages need openness, authenticity and hard work to go the distance. Re:Connect helped couples evaluate their marriage, renew their commitment to each other, and build true intimacy. The campaign has ended.

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Healthy marriages lead to stable homes and happy children. The positive effects on society are often larger than life. See families in Singapore transformed as you support Family.

Build intimacy
Discover how well you know each other, and what makes you and your spouse feel most loved.


Enjoy friendship
Take time to slow down and savour each other, and learn what it takes to provide mutual support.

Truly connect
Be inspired to new depths of intimacy and connection in your marriage. Fall in love all over again.


TAKE THE QUIZGet 5 Great Dates today!

In the first of a video series on Building True Intimacy, hear what our CEO Joanna and her husband Gary share about building intimacy — both from personal experience and from years of guiding other married couples.

Participants shared their stories and won a buffet dinner for two at Silver Shell Cafe, located at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, or premium movie tickets!

Celebrate Marriage motivated me to reignite our relationship. During our date, we intentionally recalled past experiences as we re-visited our courtship haunts. This reminded us about what brought us together in the first place.”

— Pengli C. 

“Our date was most memorable! I hope we'll intentionally go on more of such dates as we really want to grow together as a married couple and build a strong foundation before we have children.”

— Michelle L. 

“With 3 kids and 10 years of marriage, my husband and I really needed to prioritise each other over the children. The tips in 5 Great Dates got us out of our comfort zones! We splurged on movie tickets, held hands throughout and talked. We really got to know each other better that night.”

— Dinu W. 

“We’re newly married and face challenges building a new life together. We’ve had to learn to communicate pro-actively and forgive…often. It was fun to take a break and go out on a date. We learned to work as a team, and managed to complete The New Paper adventure hunt!”

— Thien, R. 

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8 - 19 Feb 2019

The Re:Connect quiz let couples learn how connected they are.


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