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Marriages are breaking down. More children are developing mental illnesses such as depression. Parents are struggling to cope with stresses at all sides.

Focus on the Family has been journeying alongside these couples and youths. In 2018 alone, we:

Impact Stories

Counselling Client

“As a couple, we have very different personalities, and we often find it hard to understand and accept each other’s perspectives. It can be extremely exasperating.

Marriage Builders, we were able to hear how each of us felt and understand what we really meant. The counselling sessions helped us to communicate our true intentions and bring clarity into the situation. Today, we feel empowered to keep working on our relationship, knowing that we are being heard and understood.”

- *Sarah, Counselling Client

*Name has been changed to protect our client’s privacy

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We are seeking to raise 1,000 Champions for Family. Help us continue the work of restoring marriages and building up families.

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Saved at least 1 marriage in crisis every 2 weeks

Successfully walked at least 4 parents through a crisis involving their children every month


YOU can play a part in bringing restoration and hope to families under pressure. Be one of our 1,000 Champions for Family, and help us build resilient families throughout Singapore!




“I was not aware of any newlywed issues until I attended Connect2. It may be because I tend to sweep problems under the carpet, hoping that it’d go away. Through Connect2, we learnt to resolve our problems together and work towards our shared goals.”

- Chris Loke, Connect2 Marriage Preparation Programme participant







"My relationship with my family was strained as I was constantly getting into trouble at school. Through FamChamps, I learnt not to let anger get in the way of communicating with my family. More importantly, I learnt to put my family’s needs before my own. Honour Night was the first time in 3 years that my family came together to enjoy a proper meal. Today, I am grateful that I can talk to them about my problems."

- Brenda Khar, Commonwealth Secondary School

“My parents divorced when I was in Primary 1, and my mum left home last year. It was actually a difficult time for me but my mentors at FamChamps showed me that no matter how challenging life is, we can choose to look at things in a different way, and have a more positive attitude towards our family.”

- 15-year-old FamChamps Alumni

YOUTHS (FamChamps)


“I struggle with my teenage son’s mood swings, reticence and withdrawal, and I find it hard to draw him out of his shell. Discovering his love languages through PARENTed has helped me relate to him better and convey my love more intentionally to him.”

– Mdm Chan, OCBC

Create with Mum

"My relationship with mum was always quite difficult as we don't get enough time to chat and bond. I really enjoyed our time at Create with Mum. I’m hopeful that our relationship will grow after this as we spend more time talking with each other."

- Yashini, 13 years old



FAQs for Champions for Family

What does my organisation receive upon donating to Focus on the Family Singapore?*
*Valid for corporate donations of $1,000 and above. 

a)      You will qualify for a 250% tax exemption on your donation

b)      A certificate of appreciation for being part of ‘Champions for Family’ will be sent to your mailing address.

c)      Your organisation will be eligible to special rates at signature events and marriage/parenting workshops.

d)      Your organisation will receive complimentary tickets to the annual Focus Charity Movie event.

e)      Your organisation logo will be acknowledged on the website

Is my donation secure?  

Yes. The security and confidentiality of your information is our highest priority. We use industry-standard technology to protect your information and provide a safe and secure environment for online donations.  

Is my donation tax-deductible?  

Yes. Donations to Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd are eligible for a 250% tax deduction. Donations are to be made by 31 December to be included in the tax assessment.     

Do I get a receipt?  

Focus on the Family Singapore will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your donations. The tax deduction benefit will be automatically included in your tax assessment if you've given your UEN/NRIC/FIN, so paper receipts are not required.

Besides donating online, how else can I make a donation?  

1)   Cheque  

You can write us a cheque payable to 'Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd'
Jean Tan (Partnership Development)
Mailing Address: 
Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd, 
9 Bishan Place #08-03 Singapore 579837  

2)   PayNow / Bank Transfer  

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For further enquiries, please contact Jean at or call 6491 0710.

Date with Dad

"I enjoyed myself at Date with Dad thoroughly. Through the fun and conversations we shared, I realised how strong my father's love is for me and was surprised to know that he sees many good things in me.”

- Sanjuana, 12 years old.

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