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Let's Take A Moment

We go through a series of emotions throughout the week (sometimes, all within the day!) - Anger, Guilt (Anguish) or Anxiety.

The good news is - when these difficult emotions 
come up, it's okay to "press pause".

Being able to identify our feelings is an important step contributing to our emotional and mental well-being, so that they do not end up culminating in an even bigger reaction.

Take some time for yourself - use this online tool to process the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing today.

Your Recipe for Rest

Resting with your kids. Yes, it is possible! Here's an activity to try out with your kids! Create your own Recipe For Rest - designed by mums for mums. Rest doesn't just mean physical rest, but also mental, emotional and more.

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Open Letters to Mums

You're not alone in your journey. We, and many other mums, are with you! Read the stories of these everyday mums - their struggles and joys - offering encouragement and hope for whatever situation you're going through today.

> Eishen Lee> Gillian Shen> Kuik Shiao-Yin> Lina Ng

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> Rahayu Mahzam

Hi Mama, take a deep breath. 
This isn't about to be a list of things to do on top of the 1001 things you already do. We are not dropping parenting tips that you may or may not remember. Today, it's about you.

We're here to simply remind you to Take A Moment
 for yourself, because you deserve it.

Take A Moment

Create Your Recipe for RestPress Release
Get Your Serving of Rest

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Resources for You

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