Raise A Great Kid in 30 Days!

 We all want to do our best when it comes to our kids, but there are days when we feel discouraged or stuck. The 30 Day Challenge comes alongside you and supports you through your challenges and victories. 

"I tried out the different tips daily...I can see the positive effects on my children as they are helping each other instead of fighting. There is more laughter and less crying!"

Joanna Tan

"Despite all the challenges, the disciplines, the arguments...I love my son not because what he does for me or for others. I love him just because he is mine."

Nelly Handrianto

Join us next year!

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Create irreplaceable moments

Being a great parent requires a certain amount of planning. We've gone ahead and helped set some milestones so exploring new activities with your kid will be a breeze.

Learn as you teach

Even our kids can teach us valuable life lessons in patience, forgiveness and love. Staying accountable to them and knowing that they model our behaviour makes us not just better parents, but people.

Get to know your child

Time is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids. It fosters deeper conversations and builds amazing bonds that can only develop with the right amount of attention.


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 We know being a positive parent all the time isn't easy. The 30 Day Challenge was our way of supporting you! Subscription for this year's Challenge is now closed, thank you for your interest!

Celebrate your kid!