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Make Encouragement a Habit 

New skills, like being a more intentional encourager, take time to develop. To help you in your journey to become an affirming parent, click the links below to access FREE articles and guides to foster the praising parent in you! 

Ways to Empower Your Child to be Independent


The 5 A's for Your Family


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What Kids Are Saying About School, Family and COVID-19

We sometimes think of parenting as a set of strategies to give our kids a head start in a life of success. We want to instil values, build character, and prepare them to face the world. Yet at its heart, being a parent is about sharing an empowering relationship with our children so they will become resilient to face any challenge.

You're probably already doing your best to invest time and energy with your kids, but it's not always easy especially with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought. Our goal with  Race to Praise  is to make it easy for you to reconnect with your kids, nurture them with resilience to handle setbacks, and help you grow too!

Read our media release here, and media coverage by The Straits Times and LianHe ZaoBao 联合早报.

Track your relationship goals with your kids

Parenting doesn’t have to feel like it must be full of insta-worthy moments for it to be successful. Every parents journey is unique. What are the strengths and growth areas of your parent-child relationship?

Take this online quiz and discover the practical steps you can take to nurture a special connection with your kids.

Get this Goal Adventure Map to help you journey with your child! Talk about things they dream about achieving, then set attainable goals and learn to process frustrations and setbacks together.

We have distributed this complimentary printed resource to 100,000 school kids for Children’s Day 2020, and similar resources to over 500,000 children since 2016.

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You want to be a good parent.

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Engage your kids meaningfully in setting effective goals 

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Managing Exams Effectively in A COVID Year


These results were analysed from an online children's survey conducted from 17 August to 7 September 2020 with 1,052 respondents aged 10-15. Find out more.

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