We surveyed over 2,000 dads and here's what we discovered about them: 

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Are you curious about what your child thinks of you? Do you feel that you're doing well as a father in his or her eyes?

Get your kid to fill in this personalised Dad's Report Card to find out how he or she sees you!

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We spoke with 10 youths and here's what they had to say about their dads:

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Stories from Real Dads

You're not alone in your journey. Let these stories of fellow everyday dads—with their struggles and successes—inspire you to become the Dad you’ve always wanted to be! 

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Every effort that you make to build a close relationship with your kids deserves recognition and we want to celebrate your accomplishments!

Well done, Dads! Keep going strong!

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Want to keep your dad game strong? Here's how you can level up in your fathering journey!

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We are here for you. Get more resources to engage your kids during these #stayhome holidays and tips to strengthen your marriage in this COVID-19 season.

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“I appreciate my dad because he has been supporting me and shaping me into a better son. On top of the many hours of work, he is still able to spend time together with the family which i am thankful for.”

“My father never gave up on me and made me a better person. I cherish the times I go for exercise trips with him and learn how to push on forward to reach my goals.”

“I’m really thankful that he takes initiative and take time to cook for me and encourages me to develop my interests.”

“He is always so gentle and cares for the family. Because of that, the house is also so peaceful. He reminds my siblings and i to cultivate healthy habits.”

“No matter how badly I have done, he will always tell me that “it is okay, as long as you have tried your best”.”

“My dad is a very generous man. During fasting season, he would often share food with others.”

“Through this difficult period of Circuit Breaker, he always remained positive and reminds us to look on the bright side of things.”

“He makes me laugh even when I’m feeling down. He always supports my decisions and have been such a big role model for me.”

“He helps my mum with the family, listens and gives me good advice.”

“He has always been supportive of my passion and often encourage me whenever I am feeling down.”

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As mums let go and dads step up, our kids will truly get the best of both worlds. Tune in to this podcast as a couple shares their learning journey of parenting as a team.


COVID-19 has increased Dad's involvement at home but do we know the struggles that they are experiencing too? Tune in to hear the honest and powerful sharing from these everyday dads. 

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Watch this tribute to dads in Singapore, who have faced unusual stress in this COVID-19 season and extended Circuit Breaker. We celebrate dads, who are leaving a legacy in different ways for their children and for the nation.

Happy Father's Day!