Motherhood can be rough, when we wonder if we're doing enough.

But motherhood is about becoming. With every small victory – where growth and change happen – we also become wiser and stronger.

Whether you’ve managed to coax your baby to sleep, or are finally having a heart-to-heart conversation with your teen, or sharing a special moment with your husband after a long time, these are the #smallvictories of motherhood worth celebrating!

In this cover of a P. Ramlee local classic, Faridah Ali and her daughter Aeriqah perform Ibu to celebrate mothers all over Singapore. Each mother's strength to provide for her family will always amaze. We may not always see it, but on hindsight, we will see how strong mothers are.

Read the stories of #smallvictories of the mums featured in this video here.

Our stories are powerful – they build mums up and help us see we're not alone. Instead of sharing highlights only, let's get real and share our struggles and triumphs of mothering!

What are your stories of #smallvictories?

Want to encourage a fellow mum? By sharing your story, you might just change another mum’s life. So tell us about your #smallvictories below!

We’re looking for stories of mums from all walks of life. Tell us one challenge that you’ve been experiencing as a mum and how you’ve witnessed the change and growth in your journey today.

Remember, your story has the power to encourage and empower other mums!

Post your story or photo on Instagram/Facebook! Don't forget to use #smallvictories so we can share the joy!

Being a mum may sometimes leave us discouraged and exhausted. Get your daily pick-me-up in 5 great tips to overcome everyday challenges, notice #smallvictories and rediscover your delight for motherhood!

From combating mum guilt to making moments count with your kids, get practical tips and daily inspo to rediscover joy.

We are all unique. Embrace your quirks and beautiful imperfections, and look for ways to turn them into strengths.

Discover little milestones you've marked as a parent, and the sheer joy even in the most mundane moments.

Take comfort in the fact that you don't walk this journey alone. We, and many other mums, are with you!

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